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Lead Contact: Lisa Peters
Tel: 01726 218768

The purpose of this module is to equip officers with the knowledge which will enable them to design, implement and deliver a proportionate, risk-based, systematic programme of official feed controls at any point-of-entry for which they have a responsibility.

The resource provides an extensive resources bank to compliment each of the chapters and their associated film.  At the end of each chapter there are a short number of questions to test your learning and at the end of the course you can sit an exam (this is required in order to acheive your 5 hours and 30 mins of CPPD). 

The course has been developed with the FSA, however the FSA has since stopped funding the maintenance & support of the e-learning so there is a fee of £85 for the training going forward.

For further details and requests to subscribe, please contact the regional office on 01726 218768 or via