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Lead Contact: Michael Davison
Tel: 01726 218768

Version 4 of the No Proof of Age No Sale toolkit is now live. Sign up using the following link: 


  • Managers will be able to set exactly what their staff will be learning. Whilst the concept of Challenge is consistent regardless of what you are selling, managers will be able to select exactly what age restricted products your business sells, and staff will be provided with training & testing on these selected products.
  • Individualised, fully automated staff testing and certificate generation – every member of staff will have their own login.
  • Manager statistics and information on how well their store/s and staff are performing in these tests.
  •  Automated training reminders (yearly).
  • An audit process & report for managers to ensure your business is showing due diligence.
  • A manager’s handbook to guide you through all aspects of ensuring your business meets the requirements of Age restricted legislation.
  •  A resource library so that you can access training materials, posters and guidance easily and efficiently.